Rod’s Supplies List

The Art Box in Lynchburg offers my students a small 10% discount if you ask!!!!
_No.12 round (natural or synthetic sable)_No. 8 round (natural or synthetic)_ No 2 round (natural or synthetic) 1 inch flat (natural or synthetic)_1/2 inch flat (natural or synthetic. I recommend the blue Robert Simmons “not Richard Simmons” Sapphire brushes
Many companies offer two series, which differ greatly in price, a more expensive professional line, and an economical student grade. Remember that these paints will last you a long time, so buy the best you can afford. There is a big difference in quality, and color mixing by each quality paints. I recommend Holbein, Da Vinci and Winsor Newton which are available in art supply stores, or American Journey available by catalog, at CHEAP JOE'S
I’m not opposed to using Winsor & Newton Coteman, or Grumbacher Academy colors for this class. They are inexpensive. But if you can, buy the professional grades of color, you’ll be much better off.
Permanent Rose_Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Alizarin_Scarlet Lake _Aureolin_Cobalt Blue_Cerulean Blue (Winsor Newton is preferred)_Raw Sienna_Burnt Sienna_Sap Green_Lemon Yellow or New Gamboge Ultramarine Blue
5ml tubes will do just fine.
Paper- (1 Sheet 140 LB cold press, which I have at $7.00 per sheet) Quality paper is a must, as it makes your task as a learner much easier.
Support Surface 16 x 20 This can be cut from masonite, or a couple of sheets of foam core taped together. If you want to purchase a ready made one, get Gator Board. Available at Cheap Joes online. Michaels also has large sheets of 1/2" thick foam core board which I can cut down to size. If you make your own board, coat it with clear acrylic medium to make it water resistant. If you can find a heavy piece of cardboard, it will also do the job!
Palette-There are many varieties available. Be certain that it has at least the equivalent of 8" x 10" surface of flat mixing space. A lid that closes tightly is necessary when transporting paints. The Pike Palette is the one I use. Cheap Joes has a good one.
You can also purchase a butchers tray ,or use a white china plate!
One 12” ruler, #2 pencil, a kneaded, or gum eraser. No pink ones. 1 roll of 1-1 1/2”SCOTCH” MASKING TAPE. PLEASE Do not buy the blue painters tape!! Or cheap tape.
Bring a lot of enthusiasm, because I will be checking!
I know times are tough, so just do the best you can!!