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American Watercolorist

The art of transparent watercolor is painting without the use of opaque white, but instead leaving the white of the paper. Just imagine watercolor paper being a mirror and the watercolor pigment as the layer over the mirror. The light goes through the pigment to the paper, and reflects back out to your eyes. If you put opaque white on top of the transparent watercolor the light cannot shine back through causing a dull spot in the painting.
I've spent many years perfecting my style, which I like to refer to as borderline photographic. From a distance you might think your viewing a photo, but come closer and you'll realize it's a painting. I've tried to never cross that fine line.

I paint a variety of subject matter. I have started painting old farm equipment as it lends itself to my kind of work. I love the colors, rich reds, purples, yellows and the list goes on. I also like the detail involved in the paintings. I've never been much of a paint slinger. I love the fact that I can control my watercolors. I like the layer after layer effect that achieves my final goal. In all the years of painting, no one has ever viewed my work and asked, what is it, or is it upside down?

I have been affiliated with many galleries and Associations during my painting career. But when it's all done and over with, it leaves a cold feeling inside of me. I like to be in touch with the people that buy, and own my work. The other aspect of selling my own work is the fact I can name my own price, and in some cases allow myself to be a bit flexible, not having to answer to anyone but myself. I have paintings in every state in the union, and the majority I have sold myself. Most galleries today mark up artwork 40 to 50 percent, making it hard for the working person to afford them.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to hang one, or several of my works in their home, and not have to starve to death doing it.!

Please visit the site, and enjoy my world of watercolors.

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-Rod Adams-